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About SurPro

Location: Houston, TX


Sur-Pro centers on our high-quality drywall products. From drywall stilts, dump carts, and dollies to lag poles, fasteners, and abrasives, Sur-Pro has the products to fit your needs.

The Sur-Pro brand was established by Magnum Tools, Inc. Magnum realized the market demands a collection of high quality tools for a low cost. The Sur-Pro brand was developed to meet this growing demand within the marketplace.

Magnum Tools, Inc. is the distribution arm for the Sur-Pro Brand. Magnum Tools, Inc. was established in 1989 primarily as a wholesaler of hand-tools. Magnum has since grown to include Sur-Pro drywall tools to meet the needs of the drywall professional.

In 1995, Magnum’s sister company, The Forest Group, Inc. introduced the Sur-Stilt. The Sur-Stilt currently represents the best drywall stilts in the market. With the inclusion of the Sur-Mag Magnesium stilts and the S2 Double Sided Sur-Stilts, the Forest Group, Inc. has continued to innovate to meet the needs of drywall professionals worldwide. The Sur-Stilt now anchors the Sur-Pro name providing a strong example of the quality of Sur-Pro products.

Magnum Tools stands behind our products and services and offer the industry's best warranties and customer support. Our devoted team of engineers, customer service representatives, and product experts work in tandem to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. Understanding what our customers need and how to deliver solutions to take them to the next level is what we do best.

We look forward to bringing you more quality, innovative, and affordable tools making the job easier, safer, and more profitable.